Hanging the Chain

I’m finally ready to hand the rudder chain.  While there is no real difficulty in doing so, it did bring up the question of whether I was going to follow the model plans or the original ship’s plan.

The first thing to do was to take the measurements for the eyebolts for the rudder chain off the plans and mark them on the model.  The model plan shows five eyebolts evenly spaced ending between the first and second pilaster (from the outside).  This is where the chain stops according to those plans.

This made no sense to me.  I am certainly not a sailor, but I could not understand why there would just be a chain hanging out there under the counter with no way to get to it.  Looking at the plans for the 1929 reconstruction shows a sixth eyebolt under the outside pilaster and the chain then running through the counter onto the gun deck.  This made a lot more sense to me and I decided to build the model that way.  I marked and drilled the “extra” eyebolt hole and the additional holes through to the gun deck. 

The problem is that the counter on the model is a solid piece, and even if it weren’t the area behind it is not accessible. It would have been a lot easier if the model had been designed this way, or if I had had the foresight to recognize this problem ahead of time.  So I drilled a dummy hole.

My preferred way to attach the chain in the dummy hole would have been to run a pin through it and cyano the pin in the hole.  However the chain was too small for that (42 links per inch) so what I did was lay the chain on a piece of wax paper and put cyano on the first four links or so, making a stiff “point”.  I then glued this into the whole.

The chain is attached to the eyebolt and the rudder rings with 34ga wire. It is a very tight fit between those links and it took some finagling (and some high powered magnification) to get it through the links.

Wire and chain.






Once the wire was through the chain and the eyebolts, I twisted it a couple of times, and hit the joint with a drop of cyano and snipped it off.







Take care – and happy modeling!

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