Close but no cigar

Last night and this morning was meant to be finishing the stern by replacing the stern draft marks that were misaligned. Of course, I ran out of numbers (1s specifically) so it will have to wait until the new set comes next week.

On the subject of draft marks, I am not completely happy with how mine are lining up.  It is very tight spacing getting them in there and though I try to be very careful there is still some misalignment (at least to my eye).

I thought I had come up with a solution – MicroMark sells decal film for making your own decals.  You print them from your computer.  Perfect!!! Well not quite.  Printers don’t print white :cry:. This is not a problem for most people because they print on white paper.  An Micromark sells a white based decal film – but that would mean I would have to cut out tiny little decals and then still have to align them.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll just keep putting the dry transfer numbers on and scraping them off until I’m happy.

Take care – happy modeling.

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