Clench Bolts

July 9, 2009

We’re on the home stretch of the rudder assembly :smile:.  I have previously made the gudgeons and pintles, so the last thing left to do is to make the bolts to hold it all together.

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Top Netting

July 4, 2009

On occasion when I’m doing a task that is repetitive (like making rudder straps) I will pick a task that is fairly stand alone and work on that to break up the monotony.  I started the foretop when I started doing the center heavy deck planking and finished it up today while taking a break from the rudder straps.

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Rudder Chain

July 3, 2009

Cutting BrassI had completed most of the rudder straps but needed to replace the top one because I broke off the arm that holds the rudder chain  😦 I took the existing one off of the rudder and it still looked serviceable so I decided to go ahead and try to use it.

The first step was to cut a piece of brass strip to the proper width. I have found that the way to get the cleanest cut is to score the brass with a blade many times and then break it by bending it back and forth. If it’s not as smooth as you like, you can file the edge.

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July 2, 2009

I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog to track my model ship building and have finally gone ahead and done it. I’m not sure if anyone will read it, but if anyone does and finds it useful or interesting then it is worth the effort.

Currently I am working on the USS Constitution from Model Expo, using it as preparation to undertake the Warrior practicum by Reverend William Romero. Being somewhat accustomed to working with wood and tools, and always with the goal of the scratch build in mind, I have deviated from the Model Expo plans where I felt it was appropriate (“kit bashing” in modeling parlance). This is not in any way to suggest that Ben Lankford did not do a remarkably accurate job with the plans or that the kit isn’t wonderful (it is) there are just some things that I would like to be done differently. Usually this involves not using laser cut parts and making my own.

I hope to keep this fairly up to date and as time permits, I will review how I got to where I am in the process. I will also try to talk about some tools if I get a chance.