The Scrollwork Initial Carve

The next step for the scrollwork was to cut the wood according to the pattern. The sequence of steps is similar to any other carving – rough it out, refine it and finish it.

IMG_1465The primary tools I use are shown here – diamond files, small drill bits etc.  I use jeweler’s saw blades without the handle because when I’m working with wood this thin I like to be able to feel the wood bend as I am shaping it (and hopefully stopping before it moves from the bending point to the breaking point.)


Once the largest pieces have been removed, I started to hold the wood in a small spring clamp.  This keep the wood around the cuts from flexing.  I did lose the “feel” of the wood in my fingers, but it was an ok tradeoff for the added stability.

IMG_1480-Edit When all was said and done, there were two small breaks easily fixed with cyano – everything else held up well. The first break occurred at #1 in the photo.  The reason you can see the repair is that a little of the pattern stuck to the cyano and since it’s going to be painted white, I simply sanded it smooth. I’m not going to point out the second break, but if you think you see where it is, feel free to post it in a comment :smile:.

I want to mention the section at #2 (what will be forward of the shield when painted).  I was originally going to cut it out as per the plan, but decided that the narrowness of the wood at that point would be such that a break was almost guaranteed.  Since I had already drilled the beginning holes for cutting, I filled those with wood putty and sanded them.  I will paint the “cut out” in.

Take care – happy modeling.

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